LIVING LIFE SOURCE FOUNDATION offers indigenous educational programs
for healing and therapy, clinical massage therapy, lomilomi (Hawaiian massage), kahea lapaau (spiritual healing), laau lapaau (herbal healing), hooponopono (individual/group counseling), Healing Arts of Emei Qigong, sustainable farming, Hawaiian language, Kaito Gakko (Peaceful Martial Arts), home visits and blessings, and sacred site restoration. LLSF has also initiated in the planning stages an online education system to address the growing needs for content knowledge in sciences, technologies, reading literacies, engineering, AutoCAD and design and math (STREAM). This component includes using the community as piko learning centers that merge learning opportunities that address ”maka hana ka ike-the learning is in the doing”.

While headquartered in Manoa valley, LLSF enjoys a large cross-sectional membership of people and practitioners from across the island and state. Our membership includes many professional and traditional educators, professors, professional surfers, licensed massage therapists, organic farmers, business owners, kupuna, teachers, educational administrators, scientists, engineers, businessmen and Hawaiian cultural practitioners.

Our LLSF proposed work includes teaching and training students and their families, teachers, and community groups to build, manage, and utilize aquaponic production systems in conjunction with organic natural Hawaiian farming practices to supply a steady source of food and plant based medicine to local families. Staff capabilities related to the project include proficiencies in teaching and training multiage, multi generational groups, individuals, and families in the areas of organic natural farming, Hawaiian medicinal plant propagation and use, traditional approaches to health and wellness through hooponopono, laau lapaau, and laau kahea, and small scale aquaponics production systems for residential cultivation. Our program staff donates their time and expertise and this creates a low cost overhead basis for most of our organizational needs. LLSF has benefited by an expanding volunteer base of servant leaders who steward the programs and services at the Manoa site.