Aloha and Welcome!

The Living Life Source Foundation was inspired and conceived by Professor Bruce Keaulani, the spiritual and knowledge descendant of Kaito Gakko, Professor David K. Nuuhiwa, Sr. Uncle David achieved world hero recognition throughout the martial arts community, legendary status in surfing, and mentoring youth in Native Hawaiian martial arts.


LLSF perpetuates peace and thanksgiving in all of nature’s living spirits by restoring Aloha Spirituality for all humanity and to alleviate world suffering and increase happiness. LLSF ministers to all people, spiritual beings, sacred lands and places through the legacies of Nu’uhiwa (Nu’u – to strive to the highest summits, and hiwa the sacred time of darkness in the early morning with our ancestors, and day time for the secular. LLSF embodies Hiwahiwa Keiki or the sacredness and preciousness of all children.

Service Learning Opportunities