Nu’uhiwa University International (NUI)

LIVING LIFE SOURCE FOUNDATION (LLSF), submitted a letter of intent (LOI) to the World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium to become an accredited indigenous institutions of higher learning. The school shall be named Nu’uhiwa University International (NUI), and will be incorporated in the state of Hawaii. This school will be part of a higher education consortium launched on October 2012 at Hualein, Taiwan and named the World Indigenous Nations Global University (WINGU). WINGU is a consortium of 12 indigenous nations worldwide and is in the process of establishing regional centers. Future exploratory discussions will include possible partnerships with United Nations University, so that WINGU and it’s colleges/ universities shall be established for Non-Governmental Organization status.

Our LLSF initiative is designed to launch NUI as a global institution to extend Aloha Spirituality throughout indigenous communities worldwide. Hawaii shall be an integral center of education – inquiry-based (content), empirical-based (context), and culture-based education that is specific to sacred places of Hawaiian community, genealogy, and prosperous sustainability. NUI is in development stages to determine the scope and sequence of services, products, on-line opportunities for lifelong learning related to completions for high school diploma, Career Technology Education certificate, degree granting 2-year Associate of Arts degrees, 4 year, Bachelor of Arts, 5-6 Master of Arts degree programs, and M.D. or Omnigogy.D. degree programs. Omnigogy is the indigenous methodology of inclusive totality of wholeness. LLSF establishes their education continuum for lifelong learning from Pre-school-to Omnigogy D., 21+ to launch multi generational higher education levels. An intergenerational doctoral program for elders – our kupuna, their children – our makua, and grand children – our mo’opuna as the sovereign right of Native Hawaiian Kanaka Maoli to declare control of their native education institutions of indigenous knowledge, learning, being and becoming for our enlightened nation.

The initial planning organization shall include organization around four Academies – Health and Wellness, Education, Social Enterprises and Housing. All lifelong learning opportunities will extend of a learning continuum from birth, keiki, opio, makua, kupuna, mo’opuna. Nuuhiwa values and philosophy shall be the foundation of NUI and embraced and nurtured through ministry of Aloha Spirtuality.