Education Program Grants


LLSF was awarded a $2.7 million 3 year grant from the US Department of Education Grant S362A120062, Kukui Malama Project.


The Atherton Family Foundation considered educational programs and institutions the highest priority, and gave careful attention to religious organizations and health and social services. Thus, the Atherton Foundation supports endeavors in the community that the family believes will make a significant difference in the betterment and welfare of the people of Hawaii. Our Living Life Source Foundation was awarded a $5,000 grant to improve the mala at Manoa. The grant project is entitled From Farm to Table and is designed around planting vegetables and building an aquaponics system to teach children and their teaches about sustainability, Native Hawaiian cultural agribusiness practices, health and wellness, and Nu’uhiwa Aloha spirituality.

The opportunities to be addressed by this Farm to Family Project centers on facilitating and catalyzing families’ abilities to provide healthy food, traditional Hawaiian plant based medicine, and preventive medicine for themselves. Currently the LLSF services approximately 345 people from various groups through individual and group educational and community service activities. Beneficiaries of services range from children aged 6 to the elderly and kupuna Through this grant we will be able to increase that impact by 50% and serve an additional 170 students and families over the 2013 calendar year.